Six Workplace Wisdoms: Future of Office Design, Herman Miller Resolve Stations & Color Trends in Workspaces

Posted by Path Interactive on : September  20,  2013

Once a month, we gather a list of six stories from the furniture and design world we think are worth reading. Today, we’re reading:


1. 5 Things That Will Make Your Desk & Job More Awesome Fast Company
“If you don’t control the office thermostat & you can’t teleport your desk to beside the window, what can you do to make your workspace feel more wonderful?” – At Benhar Office Interiors, we believe that the interior is important to the work environment but so is the workspace of the individual. After reviewing this list, we’re sure you’ll be able to perk up your space even more.
2. How to Get Noticed as a Designer: 7 tips from Influential Curators, Retailers & Creative Directors
In hopes of getting noticed as a designer, this article outlines 7 ideals for ambitious designers to create, work and live by. The list was compiled from interviews with 10 important individuals in the industrial design including MoMA’s merchandising director, Herman Miller’s VP of Product Design & Exploration and more.
3. The Biggest Office Interruptions Are…, Wall Street Journal
Although open-plan design is the current trend in office interiors, it doesn’t necessarily work for every office or industry. Often times, the employment of these office designs create a concentration issue. Read on to find out what the biggest office interruptions are.
4. 4 Big Trends Shaping The Future of Design Fast Company Design
As times change, so do people, their creations, and the spaces in which they do work. Look for these 4 trends in offices and other spaces to come next—and check out the innovative and awesome products included in the article as well!
5. Employers Opt for Fun, Color in Office Design Detroit News
The new trend of color and collaboration spaces in offices are “all part of a deliberate, ‘living office’ design that furniture makers & design experts say is spreading among corporations & smaller businesses across the country, replacing staid gray cubicles, white walls & dull carpeting.”
6. Herman Miller Resolve Station Offers True Functionality,
If you weren’t already aware of how fantastic Herman Miller is and how thrilled we are to be their premier dealer in NYC, check out this article. Find out exactly why Herman Miller recently won the “Most Functional Office Furniture” award. Then, contact us to find out how we can provide your workspace with their innovative furniture solutions.

For most of you, office furniture might be something you take for granted, but we at Benhar know the importance of investing in your workspace. Is your office conducive to your productivity? Is your furniture supportive without being uncomfortable? Do you enjoy being there? Benhar Office Interiors stays up to date on all things office-design because we want all of our clients to answer these questions with a resounding ‘Yes!’ To learn more about how we’re staying up to date and what we’re reading up on each month, click here.

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