Six Workplace Wisdoms: National Ergonomics Month, Modern Office Design & Negative Effects of Sitting

Posted by Path Interactive on : October  17,  2013

Twice a month, we gather a list of six stories from the furniture and design world we think are worth reading. Today, we’re reading:


1. Why Productive People Work Well With Their Opposites Fast Company

“Opposites as you know may attract.” Indeed they may, and work teams are no exception. In this article, Drake Baer explores why someone who might drive you crazy in the right way, may help you produce the best results. Do you have someone like that at your office?

2. You Sit More Than You Sleep, Herman Miller

Did you know October is National Ergonomics Month? One of the studies that we came across was that people sit so much that the effects on the body really take a toll. Do you sit all day at your office? Are there measures taken for ergonomic health? We have furniture solutions to help.

3.What Makes A Cool Office?, Inc.

What does your office have that others don’t? A pool table? A great kitchen? How does it contribute to the overall productivity of your fellow employees? This article takes a look at what the factors are that contribute to an overall office design and company culture.

4. How Everyday Ergonomics Shape Your Behavior, Fast Company

You’d be surprised how much posture and configuration affects the way you not only work but how you act towards others. This study shows how just a little change in your daily positioning can make a difference in your whole day. Do you find your mood changes when your position alters?

5. How I Manage My Daily Tasks, Belle Beth Cooper

How do you organize your day? With a list? By group calendar? No matter the method, it can always be better or even just freshened up. In this blog post we explore some better ways to organize your day for getting things done.

6. Why Has Office Design Not Kept Pace With The Modern Workforce? Baker Stuart

Is what you do a modern entity or industry but your office fails to keep up with the times? You’re not alone; over the last 120 years, office design hasn’t shifted much, even though people, working methods and the concept of how much time we spend at the office has altered greatly. How is your office laid out? Do you think it can use an upgrade?

For most of you, office furniture might be something you take for granted, but we at Benhar know the importance of investing in your workspace. Is your office conducive to your productivity? Is your furniture supportive without being uncomfortable? Do you enjoy being there? Benhar Office Interiors stays up to date on all things office-design because we want all of our clients to answer these questions with a resounding ‘Yes!’ To learn more about how we’re staying up to date and what we’re reading up on each month, click here.

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