Six Workplace Wisdoms: Waiting Room Design, Productive Conversations and Finding the Right Office Chair

Posted by Path Interactive on : August  18,  2013

Twice a month, we gather a list of six stories from the furniture and design world we think are worth reading. Today, we’re reading:


1. 6 Tips for Having Productive Conversations, Fast Company

“Forbes contributor John Hall has assembled a collection of ways to have more meaningful conversations,” this article lists the top six. Do you follow these guidelines? Which one do you think is most important from this list? Let us know in the comments!

2. Work Life, Herman Miller

“In every workplace around the world you’ll find people engaged in [these] following 10 activities.” After reviewing the list, we’re certain all ten take place in our offices. We’re wondering if the same goes for you? What activity does you company engage in the most?

3. The 8 Things Guests Want from Your Waiting Room, Office Anything

“The waiting room of any business is where first impressions are formed. This important space should be designed with the needs of your guests in mind.” If you need assistance bringing your common area to life, review this list and consult with our office interior professionals to update your space.

4. 5 Must-Have Spaces for Your Office, Inc.

“How can you add variety to your office and accommodate different work styles?” At Benhar Office Interiors, we work with you to find out your exact business needs. We know that good design should “create zones dedicated to team-wide research and ideation without sacrificing individual needs for focused, concentrative work.”

5. How Design Enhances Work Life Within the Offices of the Future, The Economic Times

“The office worker today demands a work environment that is efficient in terms of getting tasks done and providing a safe haven. It is no longer acceptable to work within four blank walls on a random work surface throughout the day…” Read on to see how office design has the ability to keep you happy, provide safety, give identity and more

6. Finding Your Office Chair Soulmate, HON Company

“Finding the perfect office chair is almost as hard as finding your soulmate. It can be a piece you invest a bulk of your budget into, which means you want something not only built for the long haul, but that you’ll like for the long haul.” Read on to discover the top aspects you should be considering when choosing your office chair soulmate.

For most of you, office furniture might be something you take for granted, but we at Benhar know the importance of investing in your workspace. Is your office conducive to your productivity? Is your furniture supportive without being uncomfortable? Do you enjoy being there? Benhar Office Interiors stays up to date on all things office-design because we want all of our clients to answer these questions with a resounding ‘Yes!’ To learn more about how we’re staying up to date and what we’re reading up on each month, click here.

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