The Stackable Office Chair: A Workplace Essential

Posted by Path Interactive on : April  08,  2014

Flexibility – both spatially and conceptually – is a key attribute in the modern workplace. Technology has allowed for and necessitated flexibility in the way that we work. Whether this means working in a number of different settings both inside and outside of the office, alternating between sitting and standing at one’s desk, or blurring the lines of office hours due to the possibility of near constant contact, the face of business has changed.

Building flexibility into your office layout is an important part of embracing new trends and ensuring workplace satisfaction. In modern work environments, the stackable office chair is quite often valuable in this capacity. By its very nature, a stackable office chair represents a helpful workplace tool that easily recedes into the background when not in use. Stackable chairs can be quickly deployed when additional clients or employees join a discussion, but don’t crowd a conference room when they aren’t needed.

Ergonomic Stacking Chairs Are a Reality

The merits of a stackable office chair can and should extend beyond pure utility, however. When made properly, ergonomic stacking chairs provide much of the comfort and support found in their traditional counterpart. Advances in the production of ergonomic stacking chairs have yielded a range of options that are stylish, comfortable, lightweight and made from recyclable materials. Perhaps in no case is this truer than when looking at the ergonomic stacking chair options offered by Herman Miller.

Herman Miller Stackable Chairs

The philosophy behind Herman Miller stackable chairs is very straightforward. Their goal is to provide stackable chairs that are lightweight enough to be stored easily but still retain the style and variety that you’d expect from their brand. This goal works itself out in a number of space-saving and aesthetically satisfying ways.


The Chair One: A striking and innovative design, the Chair One was built to provide a stackable chair that requires the smallest possible amount of construction material but sacrifices nothing in comfort. Made from die-cast aluminum, it‘s mostly composed of empty space – but you won’t notice when you’re sitting in it.herman miller stackable chairs
The Aside Chair: Herman Miller characterizes their stackable chairs as being good guests in a work environment, and this is a principle that the Aside Chair achieves in getting across. Unobtrusive in appearance, it nonetheless provides a high level of comfort and support making it a great auxiliary option for your training areas and conference rooms.
The Caper Chair: With a vibrant and colorful design, the caper Caper Chairchair is a stylish option that often finds its place in modern, forward-thinking, but budget-conscious workplaces. Because it is lightweight, portable and available with casters, the caper can serve in the boardroom and or as impromptu seating for an auxiliary employee.

Stackable Solutions from Benhar Office Interiors

As a certified Herman Miller dealer, Benhar Office Interiors delivers a wide selection of stackable office chair options. Our depth of offerings ensures you’ll find a style that complements your current office layout while still providing seating flexibility. Contact us today to talk about our solutions or call 212-481-6666.

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