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Posted by Path Interactive on : June  16,  2014

As a leading office interiors company in NYC, we’ve witnessed the recent rise in NYC startup businesses firsthand. Startup office design tends to be a bit different from traditional workplace design and this is especially the case in NYC where space is at a premium. The challenge is to design a startup office that’s conducive to collaboration and growth yet doesn’t break the bank.

Good Startup Offices are Flexible


Startup offices are often defined by flexibility and should be built to accommodate dynamic change. After all, the exciting part about starting a new company is seeing it grow and evolve. So how do you leave room for this growth while adhering to budgetary constraints?
The way a space is laid out factors heavily into how we perceive its size. This seems like a common sense concept, but because it’s right in front of our noses

it can often be overlooked. To maximize the perception of space in your office, consider utilizing an open floor plan that avoids view-obstructing features unless they’re absolutely necessary. It’s important to maximize any opportunities for natural light and tall, vertical spaces to come into view.startup office design
Startup offices often foresee expansion in their near future. A balance has to be struck up between acquiring more space than you actually need at present and having a space that quickly begins to feel tight and cramped. Modular furniture and stackable chairs can both be very helpful in allowing a space to function in multiple capacities depending on the day or activity. These startup furniture of this sort is easily reconfigured and generally fits within most budgets.
Employee satisfaction is essential to retention and to your startup’s growth. A great way to provide this satisfaction is to accommodate a wide variety of working styles. This might mean providing standing desks, sit-to-stand desks or other work settings specific to employee wishes. An employee who is comfortable at their desk is an employee who will be more productive – and probably a good deal happier as well!

A Thoughtful Design and Proper Startup Office Furniture Will Take You Far

Starting with solid principles and a smart business model are essential to having success as a startup, and these elements are no less essential when it comes to startup office furniture and overall startup office design. Your workplace should reflect your values and project success to all who enter.

At Benhar, we have over ten years of experience producing beautiful and sensible office interiors for a wide range of prestigious clients. Whether your company is large or small, our professional layout planners are prepared to guide you through the design process and make sure that your space is well out-fitted for your current situation and built to accommodate even more success down the road. Contact us online or call 212-481-6666 to learn more about startup office design and our customized solutions.

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