How Does Office Design Affect Productivity?

August  01,  2019

Top interior designers balance collaboration and private workspaces to increase workplace productivity Efforts to increase workplace productivity have changed ideas about office design dramatically...
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Noguchi Museum Review

May  24,  2018

We visited the incredible Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, New York and think you should too! The modern sculptures, many of which are made of basalt and carved using a wide range of...
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Work in Progress on Office Design & Employee Well-being: After-hour Emails, Cool Office Furniture

January  30,  2017

Every so often, we gather a list of six stories from today’s workplace and the world of office design. This month, we’re reading about employee-focused office design, design and productivity,...
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Developing a Social Workplace: How “Third Places” Fit In

November  12,  2015

best employers and most successful companies harness the power of relaxed, social interactions. They understand that connection and interaction can often kick-start both creativity and...
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Choosing Office Furniture: Good, Better, Best

March  31,  2014

Moving into a new office can (and should) be exciting. A new office often comes as the result of growth and expansion, and may be a major stepping stone in the history of your business. If the...
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