Office Space Design Ideas: Five Signs Your Office Needs a Facelift

March  28,  2016

Good office space designs incorporate practicality and aesthetics to inspire workers. When designing office space layouts, it’s important to take inventory of a space’s perceived use and actual...
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Why Office Branding Matters

March  15,  2016

Common wisdom advises us not to judge a book by its cover, yet the appearance of any object tells us much about its contents or purpose. Office spaces hold to the same concept, as the look and visual...
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Workspace Design: Office Common Areas

February  23,  2016

Oftentimes, office workspace design focuses primarily on the welfare of individual employees. The areas in which employees accomplish their personal tasks carry an importance no one...
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Office Space Optimization: Making the Most of Your Space

February  07,  2016

Many managers wish for a larger space that will allow them to add more meeting rooms, common areas, and workstations, yet they often don't realize how much area they truly have at their...
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Modern Conference Room Design

December  24,  2015

Meetings have garnered a poor reputation throughout the history of business. For many employees, the word "meeting" has become synonymous with wasted time and lack of productivity. They often...
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Developing a Social Workplace: How “Third Places” Fit In

November  12,  2015

best employers and most successful companies harness the power of relaxed, social interactions. They understand that connection and interaction can often kick-start both creativity and...
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What is Contract Furniture?

August  15,  2015

If you’re unfamiliar with contract or commercial furniture, you’re not alone. It's funny to think about how many places you visit that are furnished with contract furniture, as well as how...
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5 Ways to Correct Desk Posture and Set up an Ergonomically Correct Desk

July  30,  2015

Logging in a lot of time on a computer? The time sitting at your desk could be wreaking havoc on your back and neck. According to a survey conducted by the American Osteopathic Association, 2...
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Startup Office Design

June  16,  2014

As a leading office interiors company in NYC, we’ve witnessed the recent rise in NYC startup businesses firsthand. Startup office design tends to be a bit different from traditional workplace...
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Establishing a Collaborative Workplace

May  20,  2014

By and large, collaboration at work is a fundamental part of achieving your end goal – whether you’re trying to create a new technology or refine a business strategy, two minds are often...
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