The Stackable Office Chair: A Workplace Essential

April  08,  2014

Flexibility - both spatially and conceptually - is a key attribute in the modern workplace. Technology has allowed for and necessitated flexibility in the way that we work. Whether this means working...
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Choosing Office Furniture: Good, Better, Best

March  31,  2014

Moving into a new office can (and should) be exciting. A new office often comes as the result of growth and expansion, and may be a major stepping stone in the history of your business. If the...
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Introducing the Herman Miller Renew Adjustable Height Desk

January  20,  2014

A desk is perhaps the single most integral element that you’ll find in a modern office environment. But although the presence of desks in an office is almost a certainty, a desk’s...
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Healthcare Furniture: NYC Medical Industry Interiors

October  25,  2013

When you consider the challenges that accompany obtaining quality healthcare, your thoughts might not turn to healthcare furniture. But having quality medical office furniture is something that...
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Choosing Conference Room Essentials

September  28,  2013

Traditionally, when an employee received an email about a meeting in "Conference Room 7B" they'd have a pretty good idea of what to expect - even if they’d never set foot in the room before. That's...
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Major Health Benefits of a Sit-Stand Desk

August  23,  2013

In an attempt to combat the health concerns involved with prolonged sitting or standing, many offices are switching to alternative workstation styles. One of the most popular and beneficial...
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