The Benefits of Sit to Stand Desks

Posted by Path Interactive on : February  21,  2014


you have a tendency to feel fatigued or low-energy at work, it might be more complicated than just catching up on sleep. There is a growing body of evidence that suggests the current office paradigm — in which workers spend the vast majority of their day sitting down — is having a detrimental effect on worker health, productivity and comfort.

Humans spent millions of years being physically active all day in order to subsist, and our bodies were well adapted to support this activity. Over the last century though, many of us have begun to spend the majority of our waking hours engaged in cerebral activities that don’t require very much physical movement. Given the shear rapidity of this changeover in behavior, our bodies haven’t had a chance to adapt to a more sedentary lifestyle.

Adjustable Office Desks Work

Luckily, the reduced productivity and health risks that may accompany seated office work can be minimized with the introduction of movement into your workplace environment. However, this Standing Deskdoesn’t just mean standing up — in fact, spending your entire day standing isn’t much better for you than remaining seated. The key is flexibility.

Most of us are used to sitting all day. The easiest way to break away from this behavior is to have a desk that makes change of position almost subconscious. The great thing about adjustable office desks is that they can work the way that you do – when you feel like sitting down, they’re quickly lowered to accommodate this behavior, yet they’re very easily raised again when it’s time to stretch or engage in a more collaborative task. Herman Miller offers sit to stand desks that let you choose between sitting and standing as your work demands or mood dictates.

Herman Miller Adjustable Office Furniture

As early as the 1960s, Herman Miller produced desks that were aimed at providing a sit-stand hybrid work environment. Today, they offer sit to stand desks that operate using electric adjustment, which further simplifies the act of changing postures, and thus facilitates movement while working. Using an unobtrusive lever, the Renew sit to stand table allows you to change Renew and Localepositions in an instant and customize your work surface height. Similarly, Herman Miller’s Locale desk is easily adjustable. Its large, curved surface encourages posture flexibility and accommodates a collaborative work dynamic.

Benhar Can Help your Workplace Adjust

Altering an office environment requires planning and forethought. But making a switch to convertible desks is an decision that can improve both the health and productivity of your workers. To explore the full range of adjustable office furniture we provide, contact Benhar Office Interiors today or call 212-481-6666.

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