Tips to Help You Design a Modern Office with Limited Space

Posted by Path Interactive on : January  20,  2016

Many office space design ideas seem to depend on a profusion of space some companies may not possess. Small office space design requires a creative view on how to get the most from fewer square feet. Office furniture for small spaces must also utilize the area it occupies in innovative ways.

If your goal is to rework your small office space into an efficient haven, these six tips to help you design a modern office with limited space may inspire your efforts.

1. Choose multi-purpose furniture over single-purpose space wasters.

Grand meeting room tables and large, impressive desks have visual appeal, but far less utility than office furniture for small spaces created with multiple uses in mind. Rethink your small office space design so it includes furniture that can change with your needs . You strive for dynamic problem-solving and an agile ability to adapt to situations that arise. Your office furniture should be able to keep up with you.

2. Provide an illusion of space with natural light.

Light gives a feeling of openness that can defy the true dimensions of a small office space. Position workstations as near to windows as you are able. For those whose workspaces will not fit near a source of natural illumination, provide ample lighting in natural spectrums to enhance the brightness of the area.

3. Select mobile monitors and desks to allow employees freedom of movement.

Open office space design ideas have inspired a permanent shift in how employees choose to accomplish their tasks. Furthermore, new projects may require new workflows that would benefit from a shift in employee seating. Incorporate mobile desks and monitors into your small office space design for greater freedom.

4. Collapsible meeting spaces return often wasted areas toutility.

Meeting rooms present a source of frequently wasted space in any office, let alone a small office space. While an area for meetings remains important to company functions, it need not take up square footage you can use from day-to-day. Folding or collapsible conference tables provide an attractive option to solve this dilemma.

5. Cut down on paper use to free up storage space.

Paper is such a staple of offices, we often forget how much physical space it occupies. By reducing the amount of paperwork generated from processes or printouts, you will reduce the paper that lingers in storage, and will reclaim the spaces taken up by hard copy files.

6. Choose a small office space design that maximizes your space.

While it is important to select office furniture for small spaces, how you arrange it is equally important. Make use of proven, space-efficient layouts such as paired islands, roundtables, bullpens, and blocked seating to give your office a boost to efficiency.

Office Layout Planning for Small Spaces: Explore Your Options

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