Top 5 Startup Office Design Ideas to Foster Creativity

Posted by Path Interactive on : July  05,  2016

Your office is the hothouse in which you will bring forth the possibilities latent within your vision of the company. The startup office space design with which you begin your endeavors will affect your company going forward. As you embark on your startup office design journey, consider these ideas for how to foster creativity and bring out the best in your employees!

1. Know When to Claim Your Own Space

For many startups, shared spaces are a necessary step in the business plan. These communal workspaces give the company budget room to breathe, yet they smother all attempts at tech startup office design. While the decision to graduate from a shared office into an office for your business alone is a large one, doing so can have a profound impact on your company culture and brand .

Your needs for confidentiality, stability, and identity should guide your choice to inhabit an office of your own. Such a space will encourage your efforts to design a startup office that will foster creativity!

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2. Allow Employee Work Patterns to Guide Your Startup Office Space Design

Employees develop work habits that suit their internal processes for productivity and creativity. Some seek comfortable couches on which to accomplish their tasks, while others prefer a formal desk setup in which to work. Studying the habits of your employees will give you organic answers to the eternal question, “What do you need to help you be creative?” A diverse array of settings for workers allows them to find their creativity in the most natural manner.

3. Personalization is Budget Friendly Startup Office Design

Employees take pleasure and comfort in spaces that include personal items. Photos, figurines, and even office-appropriate pets can provide workers with a sense of home, even within the confines of the office. Secure employees may be more willing to take daring, creative leaps into new areas of creative efforts.

Beyond these obvious advantages, personal decorations bring life and enhanced aesthetics without the company spending a dime. Budget-conscious startups may discover personal items to be a blessing on many fronts.

4. Design with Both Collaboration and Focus in Mind

Spontaneous creativity happens when two or more inventive minds engage in natural exchanges about the topic at hand. Open, collaborative spaces bring employees together without the pressure of formal meetings or forced brainstorming sessions. Startup office designs should consider the creation of zones and a flow that allows for areas to congregate.

Yet creative minds must also have refuges in which they can accomplish focused tasks or refine ideas brought up in vigorous discourse. To complement collaborative areas, intelligent tech startup office design also provides quiet areas in which workers can concentrate with minimal disturbances.

5. Consider Your Office Furniture Investments Carefully

Office furniture is an important investment for startup companies who wish to get the most value for the money spent. While many companies choose inexpensive furnishings based on budgetary considerations alone, they may also discover those lower-quality furnishings cost more in the long run. Quality office furniture for startup office spaces is a sound investment, both in terms of monetary concerns and in the well-being of employees. Comfortable employees will work harder, and longer, and possess greater creativity as a result.

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