Executive Office Furniture: When to Use Custom Office Furniture

Posted by Path Interactive on : May  25,  2016

Executive office furniture represents both a tool of your trade as well as a decorative statement of your company’s brand. While many companies find ready-made furniture sufficient for their needs, other firms may decide for a custom furniture design. The advantages of custom office furniture are compelling enough for serious consideration. Research into customized options may yield a pleasant surprise in terms of financial implications as well.

Customizing Your Office Space

A staggering array of options presents itself to those in search of furnishings for a new office or office design. Sufficient furnishings of differing forms and functions exist for nearly any purpose a designer can imagine. Even then, those with a creative inspiration may discover that “sufficient” is not enough either for the intended function, or to suit the vision the designer has in mind.

Off-the-shelf office furnishings are designed to appeal to the broadest base of potential customers. These pieces are designed to suit a general situation, as opposed to a specific need. When attempting to find furniture for an oddly shaped space, or furnishings with a distinctive aesthetic, ready-made office furniture may not fit the bill.

How to Choose Custom Office Furniture

Custom office furniture does not necessarily cost more than ready-made options. Depending on the artisan, it may even cost less when shipping prices, warehouse and showroom overhead, and insurance are factored in. If you have not found manufactured pieces to suit your needs, custom office furniture may be a surprising option.

Custom vs. Manufactured Furnishing

Consider the time in which you need the furnishings when deciding between custom and manufactured executive office furniture. Furniture designers will need time to draft an acceptable piece, when further time to create it. Those willing to wait may find their patience rewarded.

Company branding plays an important role in the success of a business venture. Custom furniture design creates distinctive pieces that are unique to your company’s look. Signature articles of furniture provide both functionality for your workers as well as recognition for your brand.

Hire a Custom Office Designer!

Not all situations call for custom office furniture. In some cases, a skillful designer can utilize ready-made furniture to create a signature look for both functionality and brand enhancement. If you are considering custom office furniture, you may choose to consult an experienced designer for advice on how best to achieve the look you hope for.

 Looking to Transform Your Office Space?

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