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Introducing Benhar Office Virtual Reality.

Designs next initiative is Virtual Reality technology. We have partnered with WalkThisHouse Productions to allow our clients anywhere in the world to walk through our Projects with a 0% chance of rain.


Benhar Office Virtual Reality

NADAP Virtual Reality

Jupiter Entertainment Virtual Reality

AMC Networks Virtual Reality


Our Video Testimonials & Case Studies

We love hearing from our clients. See for yourself what our clients are saying about us with our range of video testimonials.


Testimonials & Case Studies
6 videos
Benhar Office Client Testimonial
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Published at 2013, June 25
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Product Tutorials

So you received your new furniture… now what? Here you will find a range of popular furniture instructional tutorials to help you get started.


Product Tutorials
13 videos
Herman Miller Aeron Chair Adjusting Guide
407    79
Published at 2015, February 18
Available in three sizes, the Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair fits people of all statures, adapting
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Office Design Tips

Whether you need some inspiration or are curious on how other companies spark innovation in their workplace, you are in the right place to learn more!


Office Design Tips
10 videos
Optical Office Design Secrets #1 - Floor Plan Layouts
38    2
Published at 2011, November 16
This optical office design secret will help give tips when laying out your optical office floor plan
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Investing in ergonomic product increases the health and well-being of your work-space. Learn more about how ergonomic products can increase productivity by viewing our range of ergonomic videos.


Ergonomic Video Collection
10 videos
Embody: Sitting is Bad for You
158    53
Published at 2009, November 11
What do we do every day? We sit. We sit in the office and at home. Staring at our computer screens m
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Herman Miller

Here you will find a wide range of Herman Miller related videos. From product knowledge, story and tutorials.


Herman Miller Video Collection
19 videos
Eames Molded Plastic Chairs
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Published at 2016, September 16
Courtesy of Herman Miller
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