When Technology and Company Policies Contribute to Building Better Workplaces for Women and Men Alike

Posted by Path Interactive on : February  29,  2016

Once a month, we gather a list of stories from the world of office design trends we think are worth reading. This month, we are reading about the workplace of the future, company policies on parental leave, and the impact office design has on productivity.

The Workplace of the Future

How New Trends in Office Technology Will Impact Your Business,

Office technology represents the nervous system that inspires a workplace into motion. This important relationship between technology and productivity bestows a tremendous weight on office design trends. Businesses are likely to discover that trends such as the growth of the sharing economy, the demand for the Internet of Things, and new advances in virtual and augmented reality affect how their companies move forward.

Meet Is Murder, The New York Times Online

Meetings have earned a vast reputation among those who must attend them with regularity. For some, meetings represent a time of productivity, while for others, a mandatory office discussion interrupts their creative workflow. Understanding how your employees need to allocate time for the best productivity, as well as the best way to conduct those meetings you must have, is key to making the most of your gathering time.

Thank the iPhone for Creating a Workplace Revolution, CEO Says, The Huffington Post

The reign of smartphones did more than revolutionize the cellular telephone industry. Smartphone technology created a profound shift in how companies do business. Sleek, easy-to-use interfaces one consumers over in the private market, and set expectations in employees for the way in which they would like to work.

Women in the Workplace

Men Are Less Likely to Get Workplace Flexibility Than Women, Business Insider

Companies anticipate women will take leave after their babies are born. The need for schedule flexibility is expected. Recent information shows men have more difficulty achieving leave and flexible schedules in the wake of a birth. With workplace parity a hot topic of discussion, the needs of all new parents should receive due attention.

Happiness at Work

How to Make Your Office a Den of Productivity, Mashable

Office design trends should not only address the appearance of workplaces. Instead, office design should also place heavy focus on how the layout of vital components such as furniture and technology can increase both happiness and productivity at work. An open discussion about office design needs, support for all functions and modes of work, and sensitivity toward generational differences can help increase output as well as bolster morale.

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