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Posted by Path Interactive on : January  26,  2016

Once a month, we gather a list of six stories from the furniture and design world we think are worth reading. This month, we’re reading:

Starcom Makes Space for Ideas in Chicago, WorkDesign Magazine
WorkDesign Magazine hailed the cool office design spaces of the new Starcom offices in Chicago as one of the most compelling submissions in their 2014 Work Design NOW competition. As a media company, Starcom’s workspace design offices must inspire creativity and put focus on the human experience. These renovations include Herman Miller office furniture, as well as an innovative use of color and company branding.

What is Authentic Design in the Mobile Workplace?,
Technology plays an important role in office workspace design ideas, but so does the way people move through their environment. Creating cool office design spaces that encourage people, especially the latest generation of workers, to interact with each other and not just technology has become an important topic in the world of workspace design. The word “authentic” rings through the dialogue regarding what today’s workers want from a workspace, but defining that term presents a challenge for interior designers.

Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices, World Green Building Council
The World Green Building Council has published a new report regarding the effects of workspace design on employee health, productivity, and wellbeing. It examines a number of factors, including lighting, air quality, and office layout, and how these can influence both the physical health and mental satisfaction of employees. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the report’s findings indicate that office workspace design ideas centered on employee’s overall health plays an important role in workplace productivity.

All 100 Employees at This NYC Office Share One Gigantic Desk,
More recently, office workspace design ideas favor a shared desk approach to office configurations. Disrupting territoriality among workers and facilitating a team mentality makes these configurations appealing. However, one creative agency has taken this idea one step further by creating an enormous desk for all employees to work at. This cool office design space, utilizing a 4,400-square-foot surface,allows teams to flow into each other, instead of segmenting them in their own areas.


Workplace Wellness: 7 Workplace Design Experts Weigh In on the Next Big Thing, Huffington Post
Health professionals and wellness organizations have begun to heavily discuss how wellness in workspace designs translates to good health in general. The increased attention to the promotion of workplace health has spurred innovation in furniture manufacturers and designers alike. Creating cool office design spaces that encourage workers to move helps counteract the detrimental effects of a sedentary career.

World’s Coolest Offices: Brilliant Interior Designs,
Cool office design spaces have an undeniable cachet among employees. The cool factor of a workspace design attracts better talent, and leads to a happier work force. Even small details can improve the look and feel of an office space. These interiors serve to amaze and inspire with their creativity and use of color.

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