Work in Progress in Office Design: Our Favorite 2017 Trends in Open Office Design, Adjustable Desks, and More!

Posted by Path Interactive on : February  17,  2017

Once a month, we gather a list of stories from the furniture and office design worlds we think are worth reading. This month, we’re reading about how office design trends have matured, employee-focused designs, the ergonomics of kneeling desks, and more!

 Office Design Grows Up, Fast Company

In times not too long past, prospective employees measured the cool factor of an office in how many amusing and unusual entertainment options existed. Those days have begun to sunset as companies look for ways to use office design to inspire creativity, encourage innovation, and motivate workers to achieve. While modern office design still favors uniqueness, the most exemplary offices do so with a mature panache.

Office Design in 2017 Will Once Again Focus on the Employee,

Savvy employers understand that healthy, contented employees possess a drive to create greatness for the good of the company. This year’s office design trends will reflect this basic precept. Spaces which encourage company community and worker collaboration, lighting with a personal focus, and employee wellness through ergonomics will all remain at the fore as companies shift their attention back to those who make their brands great.

Essential Open Office Design Do’s and Don’ts, LinkedIn

As the highly collaborative open office layout caught on, employers embraced the innate interactivity promoted by the lack of walls. Yet for every benefit, the open office layout possesses an obstacle that designers should be mindful to overcome. Flexibility and adaptability remain strengths of the open office, and should guide the designer toward customized solutions for every unique scenario.

Forget Standing, Kneeling Desks Should be the New Office Trend,

Standing desks have gained popularity as studies highlight the detriments of sitting for extended periods of time. Yet other ergonomic options exist for those who do not care to remain on their feet for long stretches during the day. Kneeling desks such as the Edge Desk encourage good posture while offering another option to people who prefer not to sit throughout their work shifts.

22 Fun Items to Enhance your Office Space,

The maturation of office design does not spell the death of amusing enhancements to personalize your workspace. Useful, creative, and just plain fun decorations can lighten the mood of a work day, buoy your mood, or provide an external focus to rest the mind between tasks. Desk-sized refrigerators, tiny gardens, and even miniature volcanos add personality and charm to any work area.

Inspired by Those Office Design Trends?

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