Work in Progress: Innovative Office Space Design for Productivity and Creativity

Posted by Path Interactive on : August  20,  2015

month, we feature six articles that inspire our daily activities at the office and inform the way that we think about design. Here’s what we’ve been reading lately…

Workspace Design Trends to Increase Your Productivity

How do you define productivity? For us, productivity is about sharing ideas and solving problems. It is not necessarily about sitting at your desk all day with your head down working. As such, there are benefits to creating spaces in which your employees can share ideas, have chance meetings, and work in different areas without being tied to their desks. (via Fast Company)

Nine Absolutely Crazy Offices

Have you ever dreamt of working on a pirate ship? Employees at Inventionland get to live out this fantasy, as their office is set on top of a ship partially surrounded by water. Often, companies that opt for an unconventional office design do so in order to demonstrate their creativity and create a branded experience for those entering their space. (via Turnstone)

5 Open Office Plan Tweaks that Increase Productivity

The corner office with the view may not be an option anymore. According to International Facility Management, 70% of all offices in America today are open-plan workspaces. Check out this article to see how an open floor plan may work for your office. (via Open Forum)

10 Office Design Tips to Foster Creativity

It is amazing how small things such as allowing employees to pick personalized coffee mugs, items on their desk, or decorate their office space can affect overall happiness. These 10 office design tips can help to foster creativity and make your office a place your employees enjoy being. (via Inc)

42 Gorgeous Desk Designs for Any Office

The right desk is a key component to any workspace design, and one that varies depending on your taste and office needs. This list includes desk designs that can transform from open to closed workspaces, modular desks that can be rearranged depending upon the project or your mood, and desks that serve a dual purpose – such as being able to better protect people during an earthquake. (via Freshome)

Google’s Zurich Office

Google is renowned for being an innovative company; of course, this applies to their workspace design as well. They have been a forerunner in the movement to incorporate fun and stress-free elements: game rooms, snack rooms, and egg-shaped conference rooms that encourage employees to unwind and congregate thus sharing ideas. The Zurich office is an especially interesting example of this, as it almost feels like working within various different conceptual art installations. (via Business Insider)

Office Design Services

At Benhar, we believe that office design affects many important aspects of your business – including the morale and productivity of your employees. Our office design services ensure that an entire range of workplace considerations are accounted for. We invite you to discover the positive way this has played out in our recent work.

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