Work in Progress on Office Design & Employee Well-being: After-hour Emails, Cool Office Furniture

Posted by Path Interactive on : January  30,  2017

Every so often, we gather a list of six stories from today’s workplace and the world of office design. This month, we’re reading about employee-focused office design, design and productivity, employee engagement and culture, and an exciting look into a Herman Miller brick-and-mortar store!

Office Design Trends: Back to Basics?

Office Design in 2017 Will Once Again Focus on the Employee,

In the past, office design has often focused on the furniture and objects utilized in creating a particular aesthetic. A more modern office design trend, however, focuses on the needs of employees. Employee well-being has a direct correlation with employee productivity and loyalty, and today’s office designers have begun to utilize both ergonomic and creative layouts to encourage movement and good health.

Inside Herman Miller’s Foray into Brick-And-Mortar, Forbes Online

While the online retail revolution continues to provide greater access to a wide array of goods, nothing beats a brick-and-mortar store for consumer engagement. Herman Miller has continued its visionary connection with consumer needs by establishing a physical store in Manhattan. This store offers those in search of high-end office furniture an unprecedented opportunity to view what many designers call the cream of the crop.

16 Cool Office Furniture Designs for More Productive Work, Architecture Art Design Online

Whether your present office design could use a small lift or a major makeover, a peek at some of today’s most interesting office furniture may give you the inspiration you need! You may discover an office design trend perfect for your space, or one you can modify to suit. Consider these examples the jumping off point for your own incredible creations.

Employee Well-Being: Engagement vs. Culture

“No Email After 6 PM”: Your Advice on How to Reduce Workplace Stress, Guardian Online

Diligence at your day job is often its own reward, but this attachment to the always-on habits brought by the modern workplace can intrude on your much-needed downtime. Techniques such as a deliberate disconnection from mobile technology, meditation and guided relaxation, and music can help overworked employees rediscover how to leave stress at work.

Stop Confusing Employee Engagement and Culture, LinkedIn

When we talk about company culture, employee engagement may also arise as a related topic. Yet these two concepts hold distinct and important places in the health of an organization. Understanding the difference, as well as understanding how to measure the structures and methods that surround them, can assist you with building a company culture to be proud of, and one that will foster employee engagement.

 NYC Business Owners: More Solutions to Foster Employee Well-being

NYC-based Benhar Office Interiors promote a company culture that encourages our employees to engage with your needs! If you are in search of the ideal office design trend for your space, or just hope for a hint on how to find perfection in your office design, we would love to work with you. Contact us here , or call us at 212-481-6666 for more information on how we can work together!


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