Work in Progress: Office Design Trends & the Scandinavian Way

Posted by Path Interactive on : March  15,  2017

Once a month, we gather a list of stories from the furniture and design worlds we think are worth reading. This month, we’re reading about the importance of office design, modern antiques, and the most hip communal workspace in Sweden.

Seven Questions to Ask When Designing Your Office, Entrepreneur Online Middle East Edition

Your office design has a tremendous impact on all aspects of your company’s operations. From first impressions to final product, the design of your office guides your clients toward confidence in your business’s ability to meet their needs and your employees toward more efficient, innovative workflow. It is therefore important to consider all aspects of your company’s requirements while drawing up a design to showcase both creativity and work ethic.

Consider features, floor plan, designated areas for socialization and tasks, square footage, and location as you select an office space. Do not forget the importance of a welcoming reception area to make that all-important good first impression!

Gbenga Akinnagbe from “The Wire” Is Now an Antique Furniture Designer, Elle Decor

Office designers who would like to add a little television star power to their spaces along with the classic styles of vintage furniture may want to give a look towards the offerings of Enitan Vintage. These modern antique style masterpieces or the work of Gbenga Akinnagbe of the hit show “The Wire”.

While most people know Akinnagbe through his portrayal of a ruthless drug dealer, his furniture creations prove he is more than just a skilled actor and producer. With his furniture company, is extending his creative endeavors into furniture pieces that resonate with classical sensibilities and bring a modern touch to antique designs.

Stockholm’s Coolest New Workspace Is a Trove of Scandinavian Design Inspiration, Vogue Online

Communal workspaces have seen a sharp increase in popularity as technology has freed workers to perform the duties away from the traditional office setting. While many employees value the opportunity to work where they choose, they may miss the interaction and collaboration of an office. Stockholm’s latest communal workspace should set an office design trend for spaces around the globe to follow.

Alma, a members-only club in which this space sits, provides a homey yet professional communal workspace for workers on the go. Membership is curated with dinner party sensibilities to build a culture of productive yet interesting denizens for the space. Instead of a sport or common host to unify those in attendance, the work or creative undertaking is the unifying force.

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