Work In Progress: Benefits of Ergonomics, Increase Your Productivity and Creativity & How to Become More Successful

Posted by Path Interactive on : March  28,  2014

Once a month, we gather a list of six stories from the furniture and design world we think are worth reading.
This month, we’re reading:

1. 5 Proven Benefits of Ergonomics, Ergo Plus

If you’re looking to improve productivity among your staff members as well as improve the overall health of your company, have you looked at the ergonomics in your office lately? Ergo Plus lays out 5 benefits of Ergonomic considerations.

2. Simple Trick For Better Brainstorming Sessions, Inc.

A little low on ideas lately? Feeling uninspired or even blocked can be normal at times. But what happens when you need to be creative right at this moment? Everyone can be creative and in this article, we discover how to unlock that potential creativity to help in what we’re working on next.

3. Who Made That Standing Desk?, NY Times

The standing desk is not a new concept by any means. Office life in the 19th century involved a lot less sitting than it does today. While there has been a paradigm shift from the days of standing at a desk to sitting at one, the practice of standing while one works is beginning to make a comeback with some modern features.

4. 10 Ways to Become the Most Productive Person Around, Entrepreneur

Ever wonder how the other guy just “gets it all done” and why you haven’t been able to before? Maybe it’s time for a change in your routine? Entrepreneur has a few tips for becoming more productive than you ever have before.

5. 12 Things Successful People Do Right When They Wake Up, Inc.

Starting your day off right is crucial. With the right start to the day, both mind and productivity can increase tremendously and set you on the right path to get all your goals accomplished. Inc. magazine has some ways that successful people start their day to make sure they’re on the right path today, tomorrow and so on.

6. Working From Home? Revolutionize Your Home Office, Humanscale

More and more employees are working from home these days because offices and workplaces are shrinking. There are many benefits to working from the comfort of your own home, but it isn’t always easy. While you’re comfortable in your own home, you could be uncomfortable working in/from it. Humanscale has some advice to make your working from home experience the best it can be.

Make your Office Work for You

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