Work in Progress: From A Better Workplace to Cool Office Design Ideas…Get Inspired for 2016!

Posted by Path Interactive on : December  28,  2015

Once a month, we gather a list of six stories from the world of office design trends we think are worth reading. This month, we are reading about this year’s wins for women in the workplace, employee well-being, and inspiring new office designs to bring in the New Year!

Women in the Workplace

This Year’s Biggest Wins for Women in the Workplace, Fortune Magazine

The business world saw some breakthroughs in gender parity in 2015. Improvements in family leave policies, initiatives for increased diversity in large companies, training to counteract unconscious biases, and new ways to make life easier for mothers during business travel all helped inch corporate culture towards greater equality and greater employee well-being.

6 Workplace Realities Women Will Face in 2040, Fast Company

Business leaders today create the world tomorrow’s corporate workers. This is especially true for women, whose futures are foretold by today’s strides in the area of gender parity in the workplace. A look more than 20 years down road provides a sobering view of what the little girls in classrooms today may find themselves up against.

Seven Questions with Jennefer Witter, PR Pro Empowering Women in the Workplace, Fordham News

Public relations professional Jennefer Witter has unique insights into the corporate culture that pervades the business sector, as well as the challenges of women within that culture. Her advice offers valuable guidance to women who seek to better their careers, as well as those who hope to improve the corporate culture for women who follow them.

Employee Wellbeing

4 Important Ways to Look at Employee Well-Being “Holistically”,

Healthy employees save companies both money and time. They also bolster morale, have a higher productivity, and offer more engagement to their employers. Viewing employee well-being with a holistic eye can produce exceptional results in employee health, with improvements in financial health, emotional drive, mental focus, and physical energy as well.

Office Furniture and Office Design Trends

7 Creative Office Designs to Get You Inspired for 2016,

Looking for a new office design to go with your new year? Find inspiration in some fascinating ideas for office redesigns. Consider what you would like your redesign to accomplish, whether you want to breathe new energy into one aspect of your office or to boldly reinvigorate your entire space, then allow this photo series to motivate you.

Office Furniture and the Future of Collaboration, Work Design Magazine

Modern technology offers exciting new avenues in workplace collaboration. Collaboration-friendly furniture allows for more interactivity between meeting participants, and a more efficient workflow. By designing spaces with both inclusive participation and isolated focus in mind, office managers can harness the innate potential of their workspace and employees.

Office Trends in 2016: Share Your Story!

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