Work in Progress: How to Build a More Equal Workplace

Posted by Path Interactive on : November  30,  2015

Once a month, we gather a list of six stories from the world of office design trends we think are worth reading. This month, we are reading about the successes of working women, unique architectural designs, and resources for interior design inspiration:

Women in the Workplace

Women Finding Success in an Unequal Workplace,

The conversation about gender equality has produced increasing success. Yet more discussion is needed to bring true parity to the nation’s workforce. Studies have shown women feel decreased supervisor support as they develop their careers, and that their confidence decreases a significant amount more than men in the same position.

65% of Women Don’t Think Men Consider Them Equals at Work, Huffington Post

Women have begun to see many successes in the search for true parity in the workforce, but still do not believe themselves equals in the eyes of their male peers. A recent survey conducted by the Huffington Post and MAKERS provides a valuable glimpse into the current state of the workforce.

How Facebook’s Product Design Head Works (and Goes Home Every Day at 6 PM),

Julie Zhuo leads Facebook’s product design team. Despite her busy schedule, she manages to write fascinating blog posts filled with her observations. Her ability to accomplish all this and still find time for her family provides an example of true success for women in the workplace.

Latest Office Design Trends

Putting Place Before Products in Office Design, Architect Magazine

Designers often turn to paint or furniture to transform a place’s look and feel. While color and content do offer efficient tools for invigorating a workspace, sometimes, the greatest inspiration comes from revitalizing the space itself. Creative architectural elements can re-shape a lifeless area into a vibrant hothouse for ideas.

Interior Designers Complete Their Own Office, Contemporist

Interior Designers are most often employed to rework spaces for other people. When they undertake a redesign of their own offices, the results say much for both their ability and their vision for their own company. In the Ukraine, one interior design company did just that, and with spectacular results.

Kontor: A Souped-Up Pinterest for Office Design, Fast Company

The internet promises easy access to design ideas from around the world, yet locating specific information regarding those designs can be frustrating. Kontor seeks to eliminate that frustration. It presents itself as a place where designers can go to find inspirational designs, as well as the information needed to collaborate with those sharing the images.

Continuing the Conversation

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