Work in Progress: Empowered Environments, the Ideal Ergonomic Chair and Creating Work Spaces That Ignore Age

Posted by Path Interactive on : November  30,  2016

See the office design trends worth reading this month! Every so often, we gather a list of six stories from today’s workplace and the world of office design. Read about the importance of employee well-being, and exciting new movements in office design trends.

Employee Well-Being

Does Your Company Support Employee Well-Being?,

employee wellbeingCompanies have begun thinking outside pay and benefits when courting new talent. An increasing number of businesses now seek to consider employees as whole people instead of simply workers there to accomplish a task. Savvy companies encourage a culture of whole person well-being as a means of attracting and retaining the finest skill sets.

Office Furniture and Office Design Trends

How Companies that Design Offices for a Living Design Their Own Offices, Fast Company

One expects a company employed to design office spaces to have a memorable workplace. Several office design companies gave their opinions on office design, with educational results. Top firms believe in flexible working spaces, openness with the ability to spontaneously collaborate, and authentic materials.

We Have Reached Peak Office Chair, Fast Companyoffice design trends

Office-bound workers often joke about living in their task chairs. Startup business Altwork has taken this humor to heart and designed a completely customizable, ergonomic workstation that allows for standing, sitting, and even deep reclining. Magnetic arms allow keyboards, monitors, and laptops to take their positions in convenient locations for the worker to accomplish their goals from all positions.

How to Design an Office That Ignores Age,

When the Greenleaf Book Group began discussing renovation on their current office space, they quickly discovered that many of the concerns fell along generational lines. This divide is representative of the time that the staff entered the work force. In order to ensure that the office space will work for the whole company, generational stereotypes should be avoided and company culture must be considered.

Why Every Office Should Scrap Its Clean Desk Policy, TED

The vision of the “lean office” fails to realize that what makes a space comfortable and pleasant is not a sleek shell or a tastefully designed interior. Economist Tim Hartfod has conducted an experiment to see how 4 different office environments affect how much people got done, and how they felt about it. And the empowered office, which let workers design their own space, was a great success.

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