Work in Progress: The Health-Conscious Office & 3 Questions to Ask Your Leaders

Posted by Path Interactive on : October  30,  2015

Once a month, we gather a list of six stories from the world of office design trends we think are worth reading. This month, we are reading about the top office design trends, the impact of office design on health, and the unique challenges faced by women in the workplace:

 Top 5 Office Design Trends of the 21st Century, The Huffington Post

Evolving technology has shaped every aspect of our lives. Developments in mobile commuting have shifted the design focus away from traditional, sequestered workstations to a broader, more open office plan that keeps sustainability in mind. These emergent technologies have changed how we approach our tasks for the foreseeable future.

Office Trends Fails and Successes, Womensforum

Not all office trends endure past their initial introduction. For every innovation that caught fire in workspaces across the country, another smoldered and burned out without truly igniting. While employees got to their feet to welcome height-adjustable desks, treadmill desks went nowhere at all. Playful break rooms delighted employees in creative offices, where drone messengers fell in popularity.

Designing for the Health-Conscious Office, Metropolis Magazine

Today’s greater awareness of health concerns has brought new ideas in office interior design. Enlightened employers realize the significance of encouraging employee well-being, and reap the benefits of both increased loyalty and invigorated productivity. The onus of designing offices with health enhancements then falls on designers, who must conceptualize office configurations to realize these ideas.

 How Telerobotics Can Reshape Our Workspace, TechCrunch

We already attend meetings with distant co-workers who have taken advantage of telecommuting options. In the future, we may hold our meetings with robotic representations of these peers instead. New developments in the world of robotics have begun this process with remote-driven robots equipped with screens, which can help return the social component of office life to those who work remotely.

Women in the Workplace

 How American Women Fell Behind Japanese Women in the Workplace, The Washington Post

The percentage of American women in the workplace has traditionally outpaced that of Japan. Yet in recent years, more Japanese women have entered the workforce, while the number of American women participating has declined. Economists can pinpoint many possibilities for this decline, but one common thread is the lack of family-friendly policies, which include parental leave and day care options.

 Three Questions to Ask Your Leaders, Forbes

Women who seek new opportunities must gain important information before investing time in obtaining a position. Asking questions about a company’s perception of what places women hold in their talent pipelines, how they handle unconscious gender bias, and what ideas they have to promote parity will yield valuable insights into the company as a whole.

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