Work in Progress: Hottest Office Design Trends at NeoCon Chicago 2016

Posted by Path Interactive on : June  28,  2016

Once a month, we gather a list of six stories from the furniture and office design worlds we think are worth reading. This month, we’re reading about the NeoCon Chicago 2016 show, and all the exciting office design trends that came from it! office design neocon

The Biggest Hits from NeoCon, The Architect’s Newspaper

Trade shows often showcase the best and most inspiring examples in the field. This year’s NeoCon office design trends extravaganza gave many designers the opportunity to display their skills, but a few stood out as truly exemplary. These included a contract furniture collection from Uhuru, innovative textiles and architectural materials from Allsteel and Sensitile, and others.

NeoCon 2016: Standout Designs from Chicago’s Commercial Design Fair,

Creative design surpasses what consumers expect, and provides them with options they never knew they wanted. NeoCon 2016 presented a host of concepts and available products that challenge office designers to think differently about their workspaces. From new ways to create zones within the office to entire jungle gyms that put employees in touch with their inner children, the standouts of the NeoCon 2016 show inspire new visions in office design trends.

Design That Works at NeoCon Chicago 2016, Archello.comneocon chicago

This year’s NeoCon Chicago 2016 featured the theme, “Design That Works”. The exposition brought out the best in the attending companies, who offered functional and clever products for consideration. Flexible work environments made a strong showing, including transformable desks, ingenious textiles, and dividers that both section off workspaces and enhance acoustics. At NeoCon, office design trends showed both form and function in unexpected but delightful ways.

7 Hard-Working Office Designs Debuting at NeoCon 2016, Azure Magazine

Office designs should work as hard as those who will use them. Not just the furnishings, but the textiles for the workspace and the configurations of the larger pieces into a coherent whole. NeoCon 2016 featured configurable and attractive office furniture, groundbreaking storage designs, and even fabrics meant to enhance the appeal and function of a space. Explore seven of the most interesting options from the exposition!office design trends

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Beyond the Expo: Contemporary Office Design for Your Workplace

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