Work in Progress: “Leaning In” & the LeanChair

Posted by Path Interactive on : July  30,  2015

Once a month, we gather a list of six stories from the world of office design trends world we think are worth reading. This month, we’re reading about ways to stay healthy at the office, productivity hacks, and the challenges faced by professional women:

29 Exercises You Can Do at (or near) Your Desk, Lifehack

Breaking up long periods of seated time with intervals of activity can keep us healthy. While a quick walk around the floor does us good, we can do more than a simple jaunt to the break room. These simple exercises provide a boost in heart rate as well as a burst of activity even when you are stuck at your desk.

LeanChair Makes a Stand Against Sitting (or Standing), Gizmag

Standing desks have earned favor in the modern workplace with their health benefits and potential for increased mobility. However, some people experience leg pain and discomfort when working a full day on their feet. The LeanChair provides a unique middle ground. This inventive solution reduces the weight on a user’s legs while still offering the advantages of remaining upright.

Dubious Advice on Words for Women in the Workplace, Business Insider

A recent article regarding how we speak in the workplace garnered a great deal of attention. The article in question made a case against the too-frequent use of the word “just,” and especially encouraged women to speak with more confident phrasing. This rebuttal presents an interesting counter-argument which gives food for thought regarding how we listen to our coworkers.

Work-Life Balance Gets Harder for Working Moms, Business News Daily

All working parents experience the stress of balancing career and family. Working mothers may feel this strain more keenly, according to recent reports. Online polls show a disparity between the opinions of working mothers and working fathers regarding how work life and family life influence each other, as well as the ability to succeed in both work and parenting.

Create Havens of Privacy with the iBooth, Interior

Today’s mobile environment encourages connection from anywhere. Conversely, it puts privacy at a premium in open office situations. Solutions such as the iBooth give untethered workers a small sanctuary in which to conduct their business. Sound-dampening walls and privacy shields allow for less conspicuous work when it is required without altering the flow of the open office design.

Not All To-Do Lists are Created Equal, Fast Company

To-do lists have propelled workers into their tasks as long as most can remember. We can still refine this basic concept to make our to-do lists work harder for us. Not all items on a to-do list hold equal import, and we may accomplish more by putting our most challenging item at the top. This allows us to tackle it while we are fresh.

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