Work in Progress: Your Management Dream Team & Messy Desks Foster Productivity

Posted by Path Interactive on : August  31,  2015

Once a month, we gather a list of six stories from the world of office design trends we think are worth reading. This month, we’re reading about how the workplaces of the future are taking shape in today’s office spaces, as well as improving the productivity of your employees:

How to Put Together Your Management Dream Team,

Magic happens when you put together the perfect people to accomplish your corporate goals. These ideal combinations bring their skills and knowledge to the table to overcome whatever obstacles a project may present. You can create these dream teams for your own business by understanding what traits to look for as you build your optimal crew.

Messy Desks Foster Productivity,

Media portrayals of workspaces often portray neat, ordered desks as the ideal while poking fun at disordered ones. Yet some research now vindicates the inhabitants of untidy work areas. One study shows those who keep messier workspaces often drive for clearer goals. Another suggests those with disordered desks show more creativity than those in ordered areas.

Workspace of the Future – Temporary Spaces for Tech Startups,

Startup companies often need inexpensive areas to begin their initial projects. These spaces must both hothouse big ideas while having a small impact on the corporate budget. One firm has innovated an answer in retrofitted shipping containers designed to provide transient spaces for companies in need of temporary offices.

Workspace of the Future – Google-Style Office Perks Go Mainstream, The Wall Street Journal Online

Google’s offices are known for their lavish and creative benefits. These employee-friendly perks have gained popularity outside the search giant’s infamous campuses. More companies have begun to install such amenities as regulation basketball courts and golf simulators in a bid for happier, more loyal employees.

The Introvert’s Guide to the Workplace of the Future, Fast Company

Modern workplaces foster interactions between employees to great creative benefit. Yet those who prefer to work in a more solitary manner may find these new, more interactive office spaces difficult. Steps such as acquiring headphones to dampen office sounds, taking quiet moments for oneself, and locating a favored private place at work can assist introverts with working more contentedly.

Women Helping Women in the Workplace,

Promoting gender balance in the workplace means more than the satisfaction of achieving social equality. Companies with more even gender splits have reported revenue increases of up to 41%. Women who have achieved top positions in companies can take steps to assist other women seeking more elevated roles, to the benefit of all.

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