Work in Progress: Outdoor Lunch Break & Nomadic Office

Posted by Path Interactive on : September  24,  2015

Once a month, we gather a list of six stories from the world of office design trends we think are worth reading. This month, we are reading about transforming office spaces, and transforming the workforces within them:


Women in the Workplace

A Toxic Work World, New York Times

Good companies know the secret to success rests not only in hiring the best talent but also in retaining it. As workdays grow longer, and the stress of succeeding in modern corporate culture rises, it becomes more difficult for employees with families to compete. Successful companies look to the future by accommodating their workers as both their personal and professional lives develop.

Happy At Work

Why You Should Go Out for Lunch, Fortune Magazine

Today’s competitive business environment tempts employees to eat a hasty lunch at their desks, or to skip the noon meal entirely. Studies are showing that employees whose bosses encourage regular breaks are far more likely to stay in their jobs. These studies also reveal a heightened engagement with tasks and increased creativity from workers who step away for lunch.

Amenities to Build Up Business, Wall Street Journal

While taking a client to lunch is a standard in the business world, some New York law firms have set a new trend for impressing their potential clients. Among the newest office design ideas are conference rooms that can serve as fine dining areas. They maintain awareness, however, of what perception such trappings may give to clients who wonder about excessive opulence.


The Multigenerational Workplace

Four Generations in the Workforce, Huffington Post

Increased lifespans have given employers a broad pool of talent from which to build the ideal team. Today this often means a workforce made up of four distinct generations, each with its own unique set of values and expectations. Wise managers learn to navigate the disparate styles of communication, as well as banish preconceptions in order to gain the most from this exceptional spectrum of employees.

Latest Office Design Trends

The Nomadic Office, Fast Company

Modern technology gives us the unparalleled ability to work from anywhere. For a truly creative office design idea you can take anywhere, look no further than the Dojowheels portable studio trailer. Convert it easily between a room with a worktable, and a sleeping area for a quick catnap between duties.

Red Bull’s Modular Office, Dezeen Magazine

Energy drink maker Red Bull has innovated on recent office design ideas by incorporating a variety of communal areas in which employees can gather. These new spaces make use of subtle, tasteful branding as well as an edgy, modern design. The reception area even includes a modular desk that can reconfigure into a bar for after-hours gatherings.

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