Work in Progress: Trendy Workplaces, Cool Walls and Office Health

Posted by Path Interactive on : January  14,  2016

Once a month, we gather a list of six stories from the furniture and design world we think are worth reading. This month, we’re reading:

Can You Really Measure and Shape Culture?,

Company culture is often considered an intangible but important part of a workplace, existing in the behaviors and attitudes of those who work at the company. Yet physical spaces can play an important role in the formation and cultivation of a business’s culture. Spaces designed to facilitate collaboration, as well as provide for employee happiness, can improve company culture dramatically.

Death of the Desk: The Architects Shaping Offices of the Future, The Guardian

At one time, office design perpetuated the idea that packing employees into tight spaces would generate productivity. Today’s office design ideas have moved away from this notion. Productivity is measured in an employee’s output, not the amount of time he or she spends behind a desk.Cool Office


Is Your Office as Trendy as This?, BBC News Online

The British Council for Offices, or BCO, has made its choices for the most innovative workplaces in the UK. Their selections provide amazing examples of what offices can become, from cheerful but distinguished open spaces to cozy, kitchen-like atmospheres that invite employees to gather.

What Makes a Cool Office?,

An office with attractive and appealing design not only makes a positive statement about the company within. It serves as a recruitment tool for high-quality talent, stimulates innovation, and cultivates a vibrant company culture. By understanding what makes a cool office, designers and business leaders can better create them.

Erasable Space: Walls Become Tools at IdeaPaint HQ, WorkDesign Magazine

The timeless and ubiquitous whiteboard has been the crucible for many world-changing ideas. Ideas are born amid gesticulation and debate in front of whiteboards, and die at the swipe of a felt eraser. Set your ideas free from the whiteboard’s metal frame by turning entire walls – or offices – into whiteboards.

Make Your Workspace Healthier with Five Cheats, Humanspace

Ergonomics in an office can be a work in progress. When true ergonomic spaces can’t be immediately created, we must sometimes undertake small measures on our own to tide us over until a larger redesign is possible. Even little adjustments, like propping up a monitor, can make a big difference.healthy office

An office should not only cultivate and encourage productivity, but also inspire innovation and creativity. Benhar Office Interiors understands how physical spaces affect everything from the mood of employees to the quality of their work. See our recent designs for a look at how we combine our knowledge of recent office design trends with the unique needs of our clients!

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