Workplace Sustainability at Benhar Office Interiors

Posted by Path Interactive on : May  06,  2014

Designer Charles Eames once said “Beyond the age of information is the age of choices.” It occurred to us at Benhar Office Interiors that with the recent passing of Earth Day, this quote can easily be applied to workplace sustainability. Our office endeavors to support environmental responsibility through our work habits, our green building certifications, and our partnership with the truly inspiring manufacturer Herman Miller. But we’re always striving to improve our workplace sustainability practices and assist our clients to do the same.

Our On-Going Sustainable Office Practices

This year, we have shifted to a new software platform called CORE. The commercial furniture industry is funny because it coordinates with so many different manufacturers that finding technological solutions can be tricky. Paper trails become crutches to ensure accuracy. But with CORE, we have a server-based system that has virtually eliminated mountains of paper, multi-colored folders and paper cuts. This has made us more efficient, and ultimately has streamlined the experience for our clients. So we’re pretty pleased.


Also, we have a relatively new team member that has become a champion of environmentally-responsible sustainable office practices. Of course we all know recycling is important and necessary, but our new eco-extraordinaire has been making little changes here and there to facilitate better and more sustainable office practices, and the results are evident. She has weaned us off plastic silverware; she hides the paper plates, forcing us to use their reusable counterpart. There are more recycling bins, and a tiny reminder in our email signatures not to print. Adults resist change, but really, we all feel much better doing the right thing.

Benhar’s Green Building Certifications

The Benhar Office has LEED AP certified team members — an LEED professional credential signifies that you’re a leader in the field and an active participant in the green building movement. LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices. To receive LEED certification, building projects satisfy prerequisites and earn points to achieve different levels of certification. Prerequisites and credits differ for each rating system, and teams choose the best fit for their project. In addition to our personal green building certifications, we are happy to provide this service/resource at our company, and look forward to more rigorous implementation.
Dedication to You and the Environment

At Benhar Office, we hold ourselves to a high standard in all that we do – whether that means helping you to develop a cohesive and stylish office interior or striving to go above and beyond environmental standards set out by the government. Contact us today or call 212-481-6666 to see our forward-thinking business practices in action.

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