Workspace Design: Office Common Areas

Posted by Path Interactive on : February  23,  2016

Oftentimes, office workspace design focuses primarily on the welfare of individual employees. The areas in which employees accomplish their personal tasks carry an importance no one can question – but office common areas are also an integral part of a workplace and need to factor into office layout design. Proactive common area design can positively influence the flow of traffic through an office – how people choose to accomplish their tasks, how strong the sense of teamwork is within a company, and ultimately employees’ productivity.

Common Area Design: Make it a Social Space

Office common areas promote interactions between employees that occur naturally. The office settings in which workers come together —whether they simply need to retrieve a printout or they’re taking a break in their day— dictate how teams form and bond. Effective office common area layout design can help your space to serve as a melting pot for ideas, and provide opportunities for the exchange of information.
Recognizing the value of office common areas is the first step in determining what goals your company’s shared spaces will have. Consider what values you’d like your office space to communicate, and where its layout provides opportunities for socialization.
Available space may be the most crucial limitation when designing your office’s common areas – if your company’s office has a small footprint, you may wish to plan more mixed-use areas, so as to get the most functionality from limited square footage. If you have the luxury of ample available space, you may want to consider multiple common areas placed strategically throughout your office.

Planning Your Office Layout

Sitting areas and break rooms with comfortable seating and convenient areas for working encourage workers to do their thinking in public as opposed to being closeted away in a cubical or private office. Such public rumination can bring about spontaneous discussions, brainstorming, and a transfusion of fresh perspectives. Plan office common area design around functionalities and features that will draw employees together – These include: printers, snack areas, coffee machines, and high-traffic walking areas.

Promoting accidental interactions and unplanned collaborations between employees creates a fertile ground for growing new ideas or improving old ones. Office common areas are the ideal place for these exchanges. At Benhar Office Interiors, we understand the need for dynamic spaces where teams can work, play, and congregate. Contact us online today, or call us at 212-481-6666 to discuss creating your optimal office environment!

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